Who Are We?

John Hatton (Carmel College, Cardinal Newman College & Cronton Sixth Form College) and Martin McDonnell (Cardinal Newman College & Formby High School Sixth Form) are the A-level Maths and A-level Further Maths tutors behind Maths6. John and Martin are both very experienced A-level Maths tutors who were part of a hugely successful A-level Maths Department at Cardinal Newman College in Preston, Lancashire (Grade 1 Outstanding provider).

John Hatton

john@maths6.co.uk A-level Maths; A-level Further Maths; A-level Statistics; Teaching & Learning specialist
John was a student at Carmel College back in 1987/88 when in first opened. He graduated from Leicester University with a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Mathematics in June 1992. After completing his PGCE qualification the following year he has spent 29 years teaching A-level Maths in the sixth form sector (Carmel College, Cardinal Newman College and Cronton Sixth Form College; all three are Grade 1 Outstanding colleges). At all three colleges John has held a managerial role in which he was responsible for the quality of teaching & learning of A-level Maths subjects, to include monitoring the quality of resource development, OFSTED compliance, faculty wide self-assessment and the guidance and development of new teacher training. His roles include Head of Mathematics, Head of Faculty for Maths & Science and Head of School for Pre-advanced Maths/English. John currently teaches the Year 13 A-level Maths cohort at St John Bosco in Livepool.

Martin McDonnell

martin@maths6.co.uk A-level Maths; A-level Further Maths; Admissions Test preparation; Teaching & Learning specialist
Martin graduated from University of Liverpool with a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Having obtained his PGCE in 2005 he has over 16 years' teaching experience, with a key focus on A-level Maths and Further Maths. Martin is founder and a trustee of the University of Liverpool Maths School, and is Level 3 Lead for Turing Maths Hub in Manchester. His roles have included Head of Further Maths at Cardinal Newman College and Key Stage 5 Maths Coordinator at Formby High School. Martin is a member of the Strategic Board for NW3 Maths Hub in Liverpool, he is on the advisory board for EEME (a joint initiative between Manchester's universities for maths enrichment). Martin also runs Work Groups for teachers on Teaching Methods in A-level Maths, in Liverpool and Manchester, and is an Associate of the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP).

Maths6 Ethos

Maths6, established in June 2020 by John Hatton and Martin McDonnell, is a specialist A-level Maths and Further Maths online tuition service. We offer private tuition to A-level students in either an individual 1-to-1 capacity or to small groups (of up to three students). We also work in collaboration with a number of colleges and school sixth forms across the North West.

John and Martin have current and substantial experience of delivering A-level Maths in a variety of top performing Grade 1 outstanding sixth form colleges. Our interactive and engaging tutorial sessions will accelerate learning and develop the all-round skill set of our learners. Tried and tested teaching methods, expert questioning and high-quality bespoke teaching materials will stimulate intellect, build confidence, improve understanding and help students develop their higher level thinking skills. Therefore, Maths6 tutorial sessions provide a more accessible, more affordable and far superior alternative to one-to-one private tuition.

In March 2020, the impact of COVID-19 school closures and the need for social distancing meant that all education providers had to take a more blended approach to their curriculum delivery, mixing traditional time in the classroom with a series of online learning tasks that students access from home. Therefore, the current generation of A-level Maths and Further Maths students have already adapted to this way of learning. Maths6 online tutorial sessions will complement their college delivery, facilitate their development and accelerate their learning.