TMUA & MAT Exam Preparation


The TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission) and MAT (Mathematics Aptitude Test) are admissions tests used by an increasing number of universities. Consequently, the number of students who are taking these tests is growing, as is the demand for additional support. It can be difficult to fit entrance exam preparation into an already packed curriculum model. Therefore, if you are looking for additional support to help best prepare for either of these entrance exams then Maths6 Tutorial Support can help. Not only will this course give students additional insight into their maths studies and deepen their understanding of key mathematical ideas, but it will also improve their chances of performing at a higher level across their other A-level examinations, too.


Maths6 works with private individuals OR in collaboration with school and college Maths departments to offer additional tutorial support across the entire cohort.

The TMUA and MAT assessment papers take place in October/November of Year 13. Maths6 offers a carefully structured course to guide students in their preparation for these exams. As well as developing a deeper understanding of aspects of their A-level Maths and Further Maths content, the sessions will focus on those aspects of the test which are not part of the A-level Maths or Further Maths specification. For example, the logic and mathematical thinking requirements of the TMUA that include necessary and sufficient conditions, considerations of consequent and subsequent implications, and truth values and the contrapositive, and the extended questions of the MAT which demand greater resilience and flexibility in approach than anything the students will have met to date. Students can opt for individual one-to-one tuition to focus support on their particular needs or, alternatively, they can join a small group of determined students who are all preparing for the TMUA or MAT assessment, enhancing the learning experience for each member of the group


For TMUA/MAT candidates there is good reason to believe that the difference in success rates for applicants of similar ability and potential may be in their preparation. Schools can rarely afford the teaching time to focus specifically on their TMUA/MAT cohorts. This is where Maths6 Tutorial Support can be a vital addition. Specialised tutorial support in the weeks/months leading up to the exam will help students dedicate time to focus on those areas where support is most needed. The opportunity to engage and interact with a specialist tutor on the more challenging content can make all difference and ultimately help you get that grade!!


For further details or to discuss possible timetabling please contact Martin ( at Maths6.