A-level Further Maths Tuition


Finding the right A-level Maths tutor can be difficult, finding the right A-level Further Maths tutor is even more challenging. For students who are looking to improve their chances of fulfilling their true potential and are seeking additional input, of the right calibre, weekly tutorial sessions with Martin at Maths6 could make all the difference. Since Further Maths is conceptually more challenging, additional time to explore the key ideas in greater depth is often the key to success. Time is spent in the sessions realising the connections between the separate topics and exploring how they might appear in an examination context. Maths6 offers bespoke tutorial sessions that support the learning undertaken in school or college and gives students a better chance to fully understand the knowledge, skills and concepts that make up A-level Further Maths.


Maths6 works with private individuals OR in collaboration with school and college Maths departments to offer additional support across the entire cohort.

Staffing A-level Further Maths can often be problematic. Some schools and colleges might run A-level Further Maths with reduced teacher contact, or in some cases not have this as part of their curriculum offer. Maths6 can support schools and colleges to be able to offer a balanced A-level Further Maths curriculum by delivering some (or part) of the specification. Maths6 can deliver specific topics and/or we can help to prepare students for their exams at the end of Year 13. Our live, interactive and engaging tutorial sessions are delivered online using the very latest technological developments and can be scheduled around the school day, with a variety of options available to fit in with study periods. If individual students are seeking the additional support that comes with private tuition, then directing them towards Maths6 reassures you that they are in safe hands.


Studying Further Maths at A-level not only increases the opportunities to access degree courses but improves success at A-level Maths, too. There is a wealth of evidence suggesting that private tuition can be the key element to complement a school or college course of study and help students develop the skills needed to achieve at the highest level. At Maths6, we are aware that private tuition is a powerful instrument that can create inequity in the system and widen the gap between those who can and those who are unable to access such a service. A high proportion of our work is in partnership with schools/colleges to ensure that those who deserve it most are given opportunities to benefit from the outstanding services provided by our tutors at prices that make it accessible to all.


For further details or to discuss possible timetabling please contact Martin (martin@maths6.co.uk) at Maths6.