L2 Certificate in Further Maths


The L2 Certificate in Further Maths is a certificated qualification that schools can offer to fill the gap for their high achieving Year 11 students. This qualification will develop students higher order mathematical skills, particularly in algebraic reasoning, preparing them fully to maximise their potential in further studies at A-level. It is often the case that only having a small number of interested students at your school makes this impractical to deliver successfully within the constraints of a school budget. However, working in collaboration with Maths6 to deliver this qualification could be a cost-effective solution. This opportunity could be offered to a whole class, or just to a select few. Individual students could be grouped together with students across other institutions giving them a rich and diverse experience whilst developing their mathematical ability and giving them an additional qualification.


Part of the L2 Certificate in Further Maths curriculum is a natural extension of the Key Stage 4 curriculum covered at GCSE. However, the curriculum also contains topics such as matrices and calculus, which would be new content to the students. Maths6 would deliver this new content with a weekly online tutorial session delivered across a period of 24 weeks. The delivery would be supplemented with a series of revision days and exam preparation sessions, which John and Martin would deliver on your school site, which makes this an attractive collaboration. The delivery for this course would start in November of Year 11, with revision sessions over Easter and May half-term, and with students sitting the external exams at their high school alongside their GCSE exams. The specification for this award can be found on the AQA website.


Increasing A-level Maths and Further Maths enrolments is high on the agenda of any school sixth form or college. At present there is increased funding for these students if schools or colleges can grow their Alevel Maths numbers year on year. In addition to this, it will also help to attract the very best students to your institution. Working with your school liaison team to offer the L2 Certificate in Further Maths to the high achieving Year 11 students at your partner high schools could be a highly lucrative collaboration for sixth form colleges. Maths6 will provide weekly feedback on student attendance, engagement and progress will ensure transparency at all stages of the course. Delivering the revision days and exam preparation sessions face-to-face at your school sixth form or college would not only be effective promotional work but would allow potential new students to explore your institution from the inside.


To discuss the possibility of working in collaboration with Maths6 on this please contact either John (john@maths6.co.uk) or Martin (martin@maths6.co.uk).