Preparing for A-level Maths


The vast majority of students worry about the transition from GCSE to A-level Maths. How to best manage this transition is always a point of discussion at school/college Open Evenings. This bespoke course offered by Maths6 is aimed specifically at Year 11 school leavers who are about to set out on their A-level Maths journey. Developing confidence in algebra is an essential ingredient of success on the A-level course. Strong algebraic skills and an ability to think independently is something that correlates well with your likely achievement at A-level. Students need to have the ability and resilience to think their way through a challenging problem or task when it is presented outside the usual context. This course will help to build on the GCSE algebra skill set and extend this in preparation for the challenges of A-level Maths.


Maths6 works with private individuals OR in collaboration with school and college Maths departments to offer additional support across the entire cohort.

John & Martin at Maths6 are experienced and expert A-level Maths teachers. This bespoke course focuses on developing algebraic skills in an environment which will encourage questioning and make space for curiosity. We use authentic A-level Maths style problems in which the new A-level knowledge is pinned to current GCSE knowledge. We look specifically at five key skills: linking graphs to finding key coordinates; an introduction to function notation and exploring possible new applications; looking at developing better solution strategies for simultaneous equations beyond the linear form; looking more deeply at indices especially in a context linked to surds (with integration & differentiation in mind); introducing the concept of mathematical substitution as a solution strategy. Each skill will be introduced, developed and explored in a series of structured and supportive tutorial sessions. For our bespoke school/college collaborations then it is possible for us to deliver these sessions face-to-face on-site


Setting out on an A-level Maths journey can be quite daunting for the best of students. Having a positive mindset at the start of the A-level Maths course with help to build ambition and positivity. Becoming familiar with the new A-level skill set prior to starting the course will help students to embrace these new concepts and help the transition from school to college. If you are a school or college then working in collaboration with John and Martin at Maths6 will ensure that you enrol a cohort of students who have an enhanced algebra skillset and a positive mindset about the A-level Maths course.


For further details or to discuss possible timetabling please contact John ( at Maths6.